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Contact Persons:

Golfers interested in joining the TRI-COUNTY SENIOR GOLF LEAGUE must call or e-mail one of the following.


 Carl Humphreys                            or      Alan Prevost

 Phone: 410-465-0130                            Phone: 410-381-9590         

2008 Membership List:

You can view or download the Membership List by clicking here.


2011 Membership Obligations:




13501 Penn Shop Road

Mt. Airy, Maryland 21771

Phone: 301-607-9000



6166 Challedon Circle

Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Phone: 301-829-3000 or 410-552-0320



WEBSITE:   The Tri-county Senior Golf League website URL is: 



  • Tournaments are every Tuesday from March 29 through October 25, 2011

-          Rattlewood, if necessary, may need to reschedule our Tournament on a Tuesday to another day or time.  Members will be notified in advance of any necessary changes.

  • Fees:

-          One-time fees:

·         Annual Club Fee for 2011 ……...…………...…………$  0.00

·         Handicap System Fee (To Rattlewood)……………    $30.00

                                                                                                    Total       $30.00

-          Weekly Fees payable morning of Tournament (Rattlewood):

·         Golf Course Fee (includes cart)…………………….....$32.00

·         Weekly Prize Fee…………………….……..……..…     $ 2.00

                                                                                   Total       $34.00   


-           Weekly Fees payable morning of Tournament (Challedon):

·         Golf Course Fee (includes cart)…………………….....$36.00

·         Weekly Prize Fee……………………...…………..…     $ 2.00

                                                                                                           Total       $38.00   


  • Golfers interested in joining the TRI-COUNTY GOLF LEAGUE must call or e-mail:

            Carl Humphreys                                                   or        Alan Prevost

            Phone: 410-465-0130                                                      410-381-9590                                          

            E-mail:                            E-mail:

  • Golfers must sign-up or notify one of the above two members a week in advance of each tournament to assure play. Golfers calling within the week will be accommodated if possible.       
  • Age for acceptance is 55 or over.
  • T-time will be 8:00 am shotgun start. 
  • In the case of inclement weather, an email will be sent to all members with email by 6:15 am Tuesday morning.  Also a message will be posted on the Web Site by 6:15 am Tuesday morning.  You may also call the golf course.  If there is a possibility of the inclement weather improving by 8:00 am the Tournament will not be canceled at 6:30 am, but could still be canceled at 8:00 am.
  • The Tournament Chairman is the final authority on all matters concerning golf play, rules, tournaments and handicaps.
  • Each tournament will be handicapped using USGA rules.  Handicaps will be updated and posted weekly the day of the tournament.
  • All Tournaments are full handicap and played from the Gold Tee markers.  Players may play from the White Tee markers.  Certain players may play from the Red Tees.  If you play from the White or Red Tee Markers please inform the Tournament Chairman to correctly enter score into the Handicap System.
  • All strokes are to be counted, including penalties – no “gimmes”.  Maximum of double par per hole (max of 6 for par 3; max of 8 for par 4; max of 10 for par 5).  Make sure your score is reported and recorded correctly.  After the round, check your score.  The foursome member with the lowest handicap will be responsible for keeping score and submitting the score card.
  • All players should arrive at the golf course and check in with the Tournament Chairman 30 minutes prior to the scheduled tee-time.
  • The Tournament format and distribution of the prize fees will be decided and communicated to the players the day of the Tournament.  It may be necessary at times to deviate from the annual schedule.   
  • For 2009 the 95% of the prize fee collected for that day’s Tournament will be paid to the winners the following week.  The 2008 Match Play Champion and the Stroke Play Champion will be paid ($50 each) and the 2-Man Team Match Play Championship will be paid $25 each from the remaining 5% of the weekly prize fees.
  • If you think I have made an error in entering your score, please email me or see me the following week to review your scorecard.